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I create poetry by watching the things that go on around me.

I could be watching you!

This entire website is for poetry that I've written and poetry that friends of mine have written and maybe even poems that have inspired my writing.

This next poem is for a friend of mine whom I hurt deeply awhile ago.  While I realise he probably won't read it, I think I should at least write it down.
The Flute Player
Play your sad and lonely tune
You said you loved me
I didn't know what to say
Play just one note, play for me
Even if I know you hate me
I can't help my vulnerability
Play in the dark just to let me
Know how bad I hurt you
Know how bad I confused you
I can't tell you
about the torment in my soul
Cos to tell you
Would mean I'd have to kill you
You know too much
Already you know too much
Now I know you want more from me
Want to hold me for eternity
Now the child in me wants out
Wants freedom to love at her own will
And the Devil had spoken to me...
Seems the Devil don't care for me
Seems the Devil wants to see me in chains
made by my own hand
I won't be imprisoned
I'll always be free
I won't be imprisoned
For all it takes I will do
Just so I won't be imprisoned
Play your sad death march
It sounds almost cheerful
played on your flute
Play on through the night
keep me awake
Play 'til your heart is content
And you've forgotten me
Play your sad and lonely tune
Cos when you said you loved me
I didn't know what to say
--written Feb. 2002

I've done my best to separate my own poetry into categories, so whatever your interest, possibly I've written about it. Other than that, there is a page just for already published works by poets I enjoy and also a page for the poetry of my friends.

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A gothic poetry site designed by a good friend of mine.

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