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Here is the dark and more morbid side of my poetry.

"I shall not die of a cold, I shall die of having lived."
--Willa Cather


Sweetness sorrow hides the pain
Alone on wing across the sea
Blanketed, the world turns gray
Pace, the moon sets on again
Judgment in an instant
Peacefully I lie
To wake up once more to a
World of hate and betrayal
Yet nothing satisfies the soul
Like being alone on wing
Across the sea

Shiny teeth that smile hide the sorrow
Set sail on land across the sea
Calm waters turn rough
I watch your sorrow fall
Promise, make it stop
Peacefully, I pray
That all my scars in time will heal
That wounds of words won't sting so bad
And nothing gets the tears to show
Like the salty harsh wind
Across the sea

And nothing satisfies the soul
Like being alone on wing
And nothing gets the tears to show
Like the salty harsh wind
And nothing gets the blood to flow
Like razor sharp words
Across the sea

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It only took once
I said no
and now everyone in the world
is pointing their dirty fingers at me
with their jaws on broken hinges
as if they had something intelligent to say
but it got stuck and choked
on it's way out



Placid water over turbulent seas
Perfume covers up the stench within
Nothing is really as it seems
There's no reason to believe it is
Find me a village idiot, who was always an idiot
Find me an archive of completely natural findings
Bring me a diamond without impurities
Bring me a paper that didn't kill a tree
Nothing is really as it seems
There's no reason to believe it is
Because placid waters cover turbulent seas

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I see dark clouds moving in
I fear a violent storm
All I want is a safe home
Strong arms to keep me warm

I'm lost in a sea of yes's and no's
Try to improve but nothing shows
Given to crying a river
In pain each night I shiver

I have lost all sense of hope
And everyone's a slave
I must shed these wicked chains
They're making me behave

I'm lost in a sea of such distress
Nothing goes right, my life's a mess
Given to giving up everything
Lost alone, at night I sing

I see dark clouds moving in
I fear they mean my doom
Hooded figures laugh at me
They lead me to tomb

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Frozen teardrops on a vengeful face
Dark red blood runs from open veins
Stringy hair hangs limp in her eyes
Brittle nails scratch the walls of stone
White skin against the midnight sky

Blood stains the wall where her fingers were
Clothes ripped from the effort
Oil prints the floor where her head lay
Eyes roll backward, bloody nose
Screams out into the midnight sky

Eyes cry red now, blood flows thick
Wrists turn purple, the life is gone
Hair blows freely across the stones
Hands bleed from the fingertips
All alone with the midnight sky

The promises of this life have sucked her dry
The pain of the ones who don't care
The falseness of the words have blinded her
Into believing there is no end

Fresh wounds on pink scarred skin
Open to decay and parasites
Dirty hands from trying to escape
Hopelessness sets in like disease
Swallow hard, lump in the throat
Midnight Sky, it doesnt matter

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Dark blue storm clouds, midday rain
Lightning lights up, clouds turn red
Rain pelts the skin, wets the hair
Light flashes by, blinds the eyes
Love burns within, but pains the soul
Hate wreaks havoc, lets decay set in
Rotting corpse, leave my mind
Placid dreams, the "king" is dead
Blackened rain clouds, darkened glare
Makeshift hope, pretend the real
Pry the lips open, pour in a curse
Rip open the chest, tear out the life
Bleed out the pain, skin goes pale
Lightning flashes just once more
No more sorrow, gone are the days...

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Bloody lips raised to the moon
Knowingly tears life from life
Bloody hands stroke the hair
Satisfied yet much to do
Too many people are left in this world
One more gone won't make a difference
Bloody knives hang on the wall
Calmly wipe them clean
Doesn't bother me at all
Tainted, painted, slanted, enchanted
Nothing left to do but wait
Nothing left to be but me
Open, closed, black and white
Basically a need to be
Basically a need to belong
Pale and surely dead until the eyes flicker
Bloody feet, she trod on the corpse
Bloody hands, she ripped out its heart
Bloody lips, she kissed this heart
Bloody Mary, what's her name?