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Of the friends I have, most are poets. Here are some things I've really enjoyed from them.

"Your friend is the man that knows all about you, and still likes you."
--Elbert Hubard

This is from a very good friend of mine, who goes by the name Mortuos:

To love and to lose
and to not love again
The pain and the sorrow
of not giving in
I said my goodbyes
one last time
I reminded myself
Better sad and unhappy
than a life of fake smiles
But I turn to walk away
only to realize one thing
Life is nothing only a game
some play it longer than others
Living a good life is playing well
but a bad life will lead to
An eternity in Hell.

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And another "untitled" by Mortuos, but still a wonderful poem.

To touch love
To know love
I realize there is no
true way to feel it
wordless I may be
how can I make you see
to understand me
it is not hard
I love you I tell you I honestly do
but I feel sometimes my words
mean nothing to you
I want to be there when you are sad
I want to dry your eye
when tears fall so bad
And when your happy
I wish to be
The person you wish for
the one you wish to see.