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Rose, Large

The following poetry I have written when I was happy or when I saw someone else who was happy.

"The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved."
--Victor Hugo

I saw a little girl in a park one day
Sitting on a swing while
her mother pushed her gently.
Small as she was she squealed with delight
every time the seat flew up.
In her joy I saw myself
as a child
carefree and smiling big
and I told myself
It's not over until I stop breathing.

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Perfect Stormy Night
I am in the arms of a man I've come to love
and he holds me with all the
tenderness and compassion I deserve.
He listens to me sing my sorrow
with only fierce wind and
snarling thunder to accompany me.
His dark eyes follow my every move,
his soft hands hold me close
as we watch the lightning
and talk about what we wanna be
when we grow up.
My head rests in his lap and he
absently strokes my hair.
I sing a lullaby, he hums along.
My eyes close, as do his,
right out there in the rain.
Robins in their nests fluff their feathers
and huddle over their babies protectively,
keeping tham warm and dry.
Rabbits in their dens way underground
squish together, using their fur and that of their neighbour
to keep warm and dry.
You and I on the front porch
wrapped in blankets and each others arms
sleepily watch the sky on fire with lightning
that makes the raindrops look like diamonds.
Me and the man I have come to love
in each others hearts
will forever keep warm and dry.

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A bright light floods my prison cell
Before long I realize that this light
is not the calling of heaven
but the door being opened
And Opportunity -
instead of knocking
Has actually opened the door and said
Take what I offer you
Flee from here
Its no good to sit and stare

So I walked over
stood on the threshold of this
New Life
I soaked up the light and warmth
that I had come to crave
All those years of trusting no one
Faded into finally trusting one
And one will be all
For One is all I need
Reform and new hope
In his eyes
And I came from a horrid place

Knowing what I know now
And realizing its been there all this time
I am armed and ready for battle.

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I can see my next move
and it stares at me darkly
like the storm clouds on the horizon
It won't be pretty
and it won't be fun
but everyone knows
what comes
when the storm is through

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Up till now I've always hoped for
the next best thing
I never expected the best
if I got it
something terrible
would tear it from me
But now that I have your promise
to stay with me
now that I have your word
you won't hurt me
I don't have to hope
I don't have to pray
that you wont lose interest
because your kiss still lingers
on my lips and in my mouth
and I am so warm....