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And here are poems which I did not think fit into any of the other categories.

"This is like deja vu all over again."
--Yogi Berra

I want to live
in a house on a dune
overlooking the white cliffs
of Dover
I want to wake
each morning to the sound
of white-crested waves crashing
at my front door
I want to feel
the salt in the air and the sand in my toes
on a chilly summer dawn
in Dover
I want to be
alone on the beach at sunset
to admire the colors reflecting
off the water
I want to breathe
the sweet sea air as I sleep
and rise in the morning to a smiling sun
in Dover
I want to dive
off a cliff into my own sweet oblivion
and be completely cut off from the world
and it's pain
I want to shy away
from everything that ever hurt me
and be my own woman on the shore
of Dover
I want to be free
and unchained, unobligated by anything
I don't owe anyone anything, I won't either
in Dover
I want my eyes to be tearless
I want my heart to be healed
I want the sea and the sand
at my front door
and the wind in my bedroom
drying my tears
I want to set free my heart
on the white-cliffed beaches of Dover

These Hands

These hands with their short fingernails
Have comforted those who
were never really mourning.

These hands with their dry skin
Have been unclean in their
dealings and in their thoughts

These hands with their scars
Have dried the tears of those who
thought the world was coming to an end

These hands that tremble
Hold fast to whatever hopes
and dreams they can

These hands that tremble
Have held your face, dried its tears
and stroked its skin;
and the mouth that belongs to them
has uttered the words
I love you

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under the cover of the night, I stand
in the brutal sun of the day, I stand
at the ice upon the trees, I stare
at the snow upon the fields, I stare
under the cover of the night, I cry
in the brutal sun of the day, I cringe
melted ice upon the trees, I cry
dirty snow along the roads, I cringe

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I anxiously wait for the moon to set
for then is the nights darkest hour
'Tis the dawning of a new day
one more I must endure
So I swallow the lies I meant to tell
coz I wanted to hear it from you
And I strangled the tears left inside me
coz I couldn't let them show themselves
to you

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The night grows cold as the winds turn east
The songs of the birds have long since ceased
I stand alone in this frozen field
The smell of flowers this place ceased to yield
I suppose I should go inside
The grass slowly forms a thin ice sheet
Wishing for morning, the sun to greet
I see summer in all its glory
You are the hunter; I am your quarry
I suppose I should go inside now
The first light of dawn comes to quickly
Killing the moon, so pale and sickly
She'll never soothe the tears you cry
She'll never love you as good as I
I suppose I should go inside
I wanted to love you forever
But I see now I can't ever
That is only in my sweetest dreams
That melt along with mornings first gleams
I suppose I should go inside now

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What recognition
How strange!
I realize when I look at you

I used to love you!

Is this bad?
Is this wrong to look at you now
when I have a new life
I've looked past the pain
the insult
All of it