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Not Really Poetry...
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This is just stuff I write down that never takes the form of poetry.

"One man's sunset is another man's dawn." -- Fievel Mouskawitz

"I Used To Dream"

I used to dream about being a singer in a band, about my songs ebing heard nationwide via the radio and about my lyrics on people's tongues everywhere. But in reality I have words with no tune, and tunes with no words, and that's why I used to dream.

I used to dream about being an actress on Broadway and in movies, about seeing my smile plastered on magazine covers and about my exquisite performances being praised by critics everywhere. But in reality I can't tell a joke and keep a straight face, that's why I used to dream.

Then I'd dream about marrying someone famous and traveling with him to places I've never been before and about my love being praised for supporting a stressed out man. But in reality I know I'll never meet anyone famous and even if I did, he'd probably be married already anyways, and that's why I used to dream.

I used to dream about having a big house with exotic rooms and an exquisite decor and a pool like a rock star would have. But in reality I could never clean a house like that, nor could I get a job that pays well enough for me to make mortgage payments, and that's why I used to dream.

I used to dream about being happily married to someone who'll love and respect me for who I am and never try to change me or control me and let me be who I am naturally. But in reality I'm years away from marriage and the one I love and am willing to spend the rest of my life with is not all I dreamed he would be and I sacrificed many things I always wanted and I listened to countless pointless sarcastic remarks and cried countless regretted tears, wishing he'd just wake up and be different one morning. That's when I stopped dreaming and started facing that I'll never have the perfect life and probably I'll cry in the years to come but at least I'll have love, even if it's not perfect. So this is why I used to dream.